Dear woman of any country in the world,

Denmark has a law, which is relevant for you if you consider moving to Denmark with children. Therefore, we would like to warn you.

You may want to immigrate with your family. Or perhaps you have met a Danish man somewhere in the world and want to follow him to Denmark. Perhaps you have already founded a family in your home country.

It is also possible that you came here as a student or as an au pair. And that you want to stay here and start a family.

However, Denmark has a law on children and divorces that you need to know: The Parental Responsibility Act.

This law means that you cannot simply leave the country again. At least not with your children. It also means that you and the children cannot be protected against mental abuse, stalking or sexual violations in this country. Women are thrown to jail if they try.

Denmark is obsessed with accusing women of lying, manipulating, harassing and making false accusations.

In Denmark, shared custody over the children is mandatory. And one parent CANNOT leave the country with the children, when there is shared custody. They say that under special circumstances you can apply for sole custody. But in real life, it is VERY hard to get. In cases with severe mental abuse against the child or against you, you cannot lift the burden of proof. And the authorities REQUIRE that you cooperate with the abuser.

On top of that, Denmark has this illusion that it is healthy for children to live 7 days alternately with each parent. Many children end up in severe failure to thrive because of this nomade life. And it is impossible to prove WHY the children fail to thrive. The Network Mom knows of many cases where the mother is put under suspicion for wanting to harass the father, if she even mentions that the child is not doing well with these living arrangements.

The child expert examinations are of such low standard that the children are afraid to speak up. Even when they do speak up against contact with one parent, the experts conclude that the child must have been manipulated to say this. In some cases, this has meant that the child is removed from the healthy parent.

We have cases where child experts have threatened children to accept contact to a violent parent while speaking to them in secluded interview rooms.

50% of the complaints over child expert examination to the Board of Psychologists sustain the complaint. But it normally takes a year before you get their decision, because the Board of Psychologist give the psychologist 3 MONTHS to answer any correspondence.

At that time, the court case has already been completed. And even if the below-standard statement from the child expert may have meant that you lost your children, the court case decision will not be changed. And the psychologist continues to work for the state.

This also goes for psychologists who have received many disciplinary reprimands.

All court cases on children start in the State Administration before they are sent to the court. This is also where they decide how many days the child should live with each parent. Regardless of custody, a child MUST have contact to the other parent and this CANNOT be tried in a court of law.

You CANNOT be appointed an attorney to go to the State Administration, so if your Danish husband can afford an attorney and you cannot, then that’s just a shame. And by the way, you do not speak under oath, so anything you say will normally be denied by the other party.

This gives your future Danish husband almost unlimited power over you. Because once you are trapped under the Danish law, no one can free you. This is particularly true if you come from a country that has signed the Hague convention.

Denmark is obsessed with a political agenda wanting to give men and women equal rights in ALL areas of life. So a mother and a father is considered equally good as parents. And to the state it doesn’t matter that the child entered the world through your body. This is not relevant to the law.

The concept of ”primary caretaker” has been relinquished. In Denmark, they pretend it doesn’t exist.

The authorities do not inform you correctly. Sometimes, the information they give you is even wrong. The Danish law is difficult to understand. And the rule of law is challenged in family cases.

Note that the law also applies even if you are not married to your Danish husband, if you lived together at the time of the conception.

One of the problems in Denmark is that all of the professionals who give statements in a family case is hired by the very state, which prioritizes its political hygiene over the best interest of children. Everybody who speaks up against the law are threatened to remain silent. Professionals who gives statements can loose their jobs if they do not do that, which is expected of them.

Statements from private experts are considered to be biased. And you do not use witnesses in custody cases.

They talk a lot about ”the best interest of the child”. But to the government, this means handing over a child to the violent or abusive parent no matter what.

This goes even in cases where children have received long-term treatment for sexual abuse, because the burden of proof cannot be lifted in most cases. And the mother is silenced, because if she speaks up or complains too much, the child is removed from her. She is then considered the least cooperating parent.

In Denmark, the women’s body is just a holster. And a child is like a cake you can cut in two.

In the Network Mom, we strongly advise you against having children in Denmark. And against bringing children to Denmark. Because once you are caught in the Danish trap, no one can help you.

Denmark is proud to leave women and children traumatized by the thousands in the name of equal rights.

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