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The Mom Network: As long as the Danish politicians and legal system helps and rewards the agents of violence, they contribute negatively to breaking the spiral of partner violence against Danish women and children. So these three posts gives them something to consider:

1. Danner:
Following the release of a surveillance video showing the NFL player Ray Rice hit his fiancée (now wife) unconscious in an elevator, partner violence has been put on the agenda in America.

The video has woken up the politicians. Both Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama underline that partner violence is a societal matter and that men have to take responsibility if we are to stop violence. It is important that politicians get involved.

Read Obamas statement here:

2. Danner:
The violent surveillance video with the NFL-player Ray Rice has started a debate about why his wife Janay Rice has stayed with him in spite of the violence.

As usual, focus is on the victim and not on the perpetrator. This has brought American women to the keyboard. Under the hashtag #WhyIStayed more than 100.000 victims of violence have shared their experiences with partner violence and described why it is so hard to leave.

This is a very significant initiative and one step on the way to breaking the taboo on partner violence.

Read some of the #WhyIStayed stories here:

3. Danner:
“I loved him for all his good sides. And when he was in a good mood he was the loving husband I initially met. I loved that side of him more than anything and didn’t want to leave it.”

In the movie “Loosing your boundaries” three Danish women talk about their stories and why it is not easy to leave a violent partner. An inspiring movie #WhyIStayed.

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