The Secret Network: Women Struggling to Protect their Children

‘The Secret Network” is about a network of Danish women who are struggling to protect their children.

YouTube, Published on Jul 25, 2014

This is the documentary on Danish moms who went underground. EU delegate Angelika Werthmann participated in that and is also helping to get Oliver back.

They are ready to go underground and to prison to avoid sending their children to the fathers, whom they either suspect or have evidence of being violent, pedophiles or abusers.

According to the women, the new Parental Responsibility Act [analogous to ‘Friendly Parent’ laws] makes it virtually impossible to stop visitation with parents who are either violent, drug users or sex offenders.

Instead, the Act requires that parents must cooperate and make sure that the child has the opportunity to see both parents. And if you do not cooperate, you risk losing custody of the child.

For the past year TV 2 | ØSTJYLLAND followed the struggle of women inside the secret network and followed them underground.”

Denmark appears to be one of the worst countries for Court Licensed Abuse (if there is such a thing…)


You can open up the video and translation side by side.

“The Secret Network: Women Struggling to Protect their Children”
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*Thanks to Protective Mom Helle for translating.

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