The debate on equal rights send women back to the 17th century!

The madness really has to stop!

Women today still have the right to become pregnant, give birth and raise children, but in the end, men make the decisions. The Danish law gives men full authority over women and children in a way not seen in many years. Women are being reduced to “birth machines” in the name of equal rights, and she has to obey the husband, even if they are separated.

Throughout history, women have carried babies, given birth, raised and protected children. Within the past 15 years, we have had an increasing idea that the man can come stumbling from out of nowhere and take over that role just as well as the mother.

The propaganda of this era seems to build on the theme that men and women are not equal until half of the children live with their father after a divorce.

It is scary that the respect of motherhood and the best interest of the child is disappearing in favor of a political agenda smelling of men’s fear of loosing power and influence.

We are witnessing a mass-psychosis in this country’s politicians and also in quite a lot of men. Men and women will never be the same when it comes to children. Not until the day men have a womb and can give birth to their own children!

Unless the mother has serious psychiatric illness or is the victim of addictions, a child always belongs with the mother. This is not something we can change through a legal system. It is the basic biology of human beings.

Unless the child is allowed to stay with the mother, Denmark cannot reproduce itself. What women with respect with herself would ever choose to have a child in this country when she know that there is a 50% chance that she could loose the child? The day young women understand reality, reproduction will come to a complete halt.

This is why the Network Mom warns all younger women in Denmark: Do not have a child in Denmark. Or have it with an anonymous donor.
As an alternative, you can leave the country and settle down with a man from another country. There are – thank God – still places in the world where one could not dream of removing a child from its mother.

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