Newspaper “Politiken”, Aug 25, 2014.

By Pia Deleuran, Lone Nørgaard, Bente Holm Nielsen, Jytte Aa. Møller, Birgit Søderberg and Vivian Jørgensen.

“If you read this passage closely it is clear that the choice of words in the above is not anchored in the real lives of living people, but that it is based on an illusion that dialogue is always possible. If this approach had any validity, the world would have adopted a law on mandatory global peace a long time ago.”

“This rhetoric ignores that there are situations where mandatory cooperation means that children are systematically damaged. When the principle on equal rights in the law is adapted to real life, it first and foremost means disastrous consequences for the children and for the primary caretaker.”

“In those cases where abuse is involved, the demand of mandatory cooperation is made clear in all its horror. All cases are initiated in the State Administration without lawyers and party advice as a general rule. It is not possible to use witnesses. And the process does not have the normal guarantees for rule of law.”

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