Today, hundreds of mothers hold Hannah, her mother and her sister and brother in their hearts:

“Today it has been 5 years since I lost my beloved daughter and her brother and sister lost their big sister because of the State Administration in Aalborg along with the municipality in Hjoerring and the city court in Hjoerring. They collaborated on protecting their own interests and on illegal casework rather than protecting my daughter against psychological violence and severe neglect.

These authorities have gotten away with ignoring both Danish rule of law, EU and UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and my daughter paid the highest prize for that. All warnings and notifications of concern were gravely ignored and they took cover under the Danish law.

Please support me in having the Danish Parental Responsibility Act changed. Both politicians and public servants must be held responsible for illegal and damaging casework and especially when it leads to death.

Both the State Administration in Aalborg and the municipality in Hjoerring does everything they can to hide their responsibility in this case and to sweep it under the carpet. The facts are that both authorities knew that my daughter had been diagnosed with infantile autism and that she needed adult support 24/7 in order to cope with her life, and that my daughter needed a life with structure, predictability and events that were recognizable 24/7 and that she could not handle change; that she needed support and professional help in her everyday life.

None of these conditions were met in order to help and support my daughter the last 6 months of her life, after she had been moved away from me. My daughter gradually became more ill because of the lack of support in her life and according to her diagnosis, which predicts that her situation would deteriorate during puberty.

During the last 6 months of my daughter’s life, she received no adult support or any kind of help in spite of the recommendations from professionals and from psychiatrists. The responsible authorities knew all this, but no one acted on behalf of my daughter.

Despite notifications of concern and warnings, this was not taken seriously and today, 5 years ago, my daughter no longer had the strength to carry the responsibility for her own life alone and she chose to let go of it while she was in the care of her father.

Every responsible authority has done everything they could to avoid taking responsibility and they have tried to sweep this under the carpet and burry this tragic happening.

Responsibility MUST be placed. It should not be possible for the authorities to break the law without consequences.

We honour your memory, Hannah. You live in our hearts forever.”