The socalled child experts in the Danish State Administration seem to follow a whole new child psychology. Apparently, their starting point is that if the child is afraid of the father, there must be something wrong with the mother. Or perhaps, the mother is lying.

In the Network Mom, we know of many cases where the attachment between mother and child is put under suspicion. Suspicion is actually the starting point, even if the same suspicion is damaging to that very attachment.In some cases, the natural attachment has been called “violating”, “unreasonably close”, “a violation of the child’s attachment to the father”, “understood communication”, “close and complicated”. The State Administration refuses to examine the mother’s claims, even if there is strong documentation to support her.

We know of cases where the mother has been ordered NEVER to have her small child in her bed at night by a child expert. The expert meant that this could impair the child’s ability to attach to the father.

We know of cases where a child expert has established that the mother forms an attachment to the children, which is too tight. The supporting observation is that the mother had too many drawings made by the children hanging on her walls.

This happens in cases where the father is either committing physical violence or covert psychological violence. Or where he uses the children to maintain severe stalking of the mother. And where the mother has miles of statements from doctors, child nurses or other psychologists to support her healthy and good abilities as a mother.

In the Network Mom we ask: What is going on in Denmark??