The Network Mom is flooded in cases. Vi knew it was bad. We didn’t know it was this bad. Any responsible Minister would pull the emergency break NOW!

The Network Mom evaluates cases that only few people imagine exist. Cases of such character that we fear for our legal system. We fear that the respect for human rights in Denmark is threatened.

These are altogether cases where caseworkers or child experts at the State Administration threaten mothers and children in ways that are undoubtedly abuse of power. These people are held responsible by no one.

These are cases, which the Minister knows about but neglects to react to.

These are cases, which the State Administration have received complaints about. But they neglect to answer – or the answers are taking so long that by the time they are sent out, the damage is irreparable.

These are cases where the political hygiene is prioritized above the best interest of the child.

These are cases where we think we are witnessing a system collapse.

These are cases where we think that if younger women in Denmark knew the truth, they would all enter a reproduction strike immediately.

The Network Mom recommends that the Family Act is withdrawn. That the 2007/2012-law is suspended immediately. And that the Parental Responsibility Act be scrutinized by an independent party.

In order for a scrutinization to make sense, the victims MUST be offered immunity.

The Network Mom assesses that when the extent of this case reaches the light of day, Denmark is going to need a reconciliation-committee. This should tell you how seriously we think the situation in Denmark is.

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