In USA and Australia they have mapped cases of high conflict in divorces. It is estimated that in app. 75-90% of the cases the father is a psychopath (narcissist or dissocial personality disorder) and in app. 10% of the cases the mother has a borderline disorder. This often entails some sort of addiction.

It is really necessary that the parent using the legal system – hereunder the enforcement law – are thoroughly examined. The psychologist Ask Elklit from the South Danish University conducted an investigation last year of about 200 high conflict cases. The investigation is called “With the child as a hostage – stalking of the mothers”.
It turned out that men who stalk the mothers of their children have had psychopathic or violent behavior during the relationship. And they maintain control over the woman by fighting over the children.

77% of the mothers have post-traumatic stress. All of the children are submitted to psychological violence. The stalkers have an average of 10 contact days with the children per month.

90% of the women, who have been victims of violence, har experienced that the State Administration has assisted the stalkers and increased the conflict.

I would like to see Ask Elklit’s investigation and the critique from the European Union of Danish divorces taken into account in relation to the high conflict divorces. I think Denmark would reach the same result as in USA and Australia – that high conflicting parents are not ordinary parents. They are a perpetrator and a victim trying to protect a child.

(This is a comment to the below article from “Children’s Conditions”.)

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