It is depressive to read about the politicians proposal for how to “improve” the Parental Responsibility Act. One would think that it would be impossible to make conditions any worse than they are now. But that seems to be succeeding.

Once again our politicians excel in their complete lack of insight into high conflict cases. They don’t seem to understand that their laws make these cases worse. One has to understand that in many high conflict cases, one of the parents is a psychopath.

Forcing victims to cooperate with a psychopath is severe abuse. There is a reason that more women are ready to go to jail in order to protect their children.

The current proposal shows that politicians are willing to use even more force against the victims using “victim blaming” – they support abusers, pedophiles and psychopaths in their undertakings.

The ENTIRE basis for this decision comes from “conversations” with lobbyists for the fathers’ rights movement. The is NO valid research or impartial professionals involved.

Why do politicians keep repeating the same mistakes?

Research shows that in high conflict cases up to 90% of women are the victims of a psychopath ex-husband. Then what is the problem in understanding that it doesn’t work to only hear lobbyists for fathers?

Why not spend the energy and resources on investigating both parents thoroughly, testing them for dissocial personality disorder, and that way offer the victims a chance of a normal life without the psychopath?

Both EU and UN criticize Denmark for violating human rights. After the Istanbul Convention came into force on 1 August 2014, the critique has only become harsher.

The Mom Network recommends that politicians start over! Next time, please make an informed decision!

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