Knowledge Center for Psychotraumatology at Institute for Psychology, South Danish University, is looking for participants to a research project on the children of people subjected to stalking The Knowledge Center has conducted research on partner stalking during 1,5 years. We have published a report [in Danish], which you will find our homepage.

We are now initiating a child research project on psychological reactions and consequences for children if one parent is subjected to stalking. Eight mothers have helped us so far, but we need more participants in order to understand the problems across various age groups.

Not a single research project has been conducted on the psychological state of children of those subjected to stalking, neither in Denmark nor in other countries. Therefore, we need your help to document, which consequences stalking can have for those children who experience it up close.

We think it is an extremely important job to generate such knowledge, which can affect the opportunities for offering help going forward, but we can only complete the project if we get your help. Will you help us?

Who can participate and how?

– Parents subjected to stalking, who have children in the age group 0-6 years. The parent is interviewed over the phone on the way the child reacts and behaves related to the stalking and in general. Children in this age group do not participate themselves in the project.

Duration: 45-60 minutes.

Because of the duration of the interview, you will receive a gift card as a compensation for your participation. Further, we offer you a general feedback over the phone on your child’s/children’s welfare and psychological state.

– Children in the age of 6-11 years. We will show the children a cartoon test with 20 pictures. Each pictures has a sentence attached to it describing the situation on the picture and there is a character named Thomas on all pictures. The psychologist reads the sentence. The child is then asked to evaluate how well the statement or the situation describes the child him- or herself. They do this by circling one out of three thermometers, which can be empty, half full or full. Based on this research the child’s reactions to the stalking can be assessed.

Duration: 15-20 minutes.

Please note: We are currently investigating if this can be done online. We have not yet solved the problems, but you can let us know whether you and your child are interested and we will then get back to you once we are ready.

– Children in the age group 12-18 fill out an online questionnaire on their reactions to the stalking of their parent.

Duration: 15 minutes.

If you (and your children) want to participate, you can contact psychologist Sille Schandorph on / Tel: +45 65 50 92 25

Best regards,
Ask Elklit
Professor of clinical psychology
Head of Knowledge Center for Psychotraumatology / Tel: +45 65 50 23 20

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