Professionals do not define psychopathy as a disease, but as a development failure of the personality, which correlates with dysfunctions of the brain.

Using brain scans, they can pinpoint areas of the brain in psychopaths, which are underdeveloped compared to normal people with empathy and consciousness.

In short, there are 3 scenarios. In all 3 of them, the environment is the decisive factor:

1. A child has a genetic disposition for psychopathy. The inheritance is there combined with the right “negative” environment:
=> a new psychopath has been created.

2. A child has a genetic disposition for psychopathy. However, the child grows up in a positive and healthy environment:
=> the child’s brain develops normally with empathy.

3. A child does NOT have a genetic disposition for psychopathy, but grows up in a “negative” environment, which can be the decisive factor:
=> a new psychopath has been created.

A “negative” environment alone can create the kind of under development, which gives psychopathy. By “negative” environment is meant neglect, lack of parental ability and a wide range of other traits, which characterize the parenthood of psychopaths.

Despite this knowledge, politicians, caseworkers in the State Administration and courts chain children to a “negative” environment with a psychopathic parent.

They use enormous resources and power in order to NOT break the negative social inheritance, which creates psychopaths… ???!

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