Murat Tamer presented one of the first serious and factual posts on the comprehensive misogyny in Denmark – contempt of women (August 2nd, 2014, Jyllandsposten).

In the Mom Network we are in daily contact with women who experience how this misogyny has been structural for a long time– it is now thoroughly incorporated into many of our public systems – and not least in the whole legal system following a divorce where children are involved.

Murat Tamer refers – as one of the few Danes – to the FRA (European Agency for Fundamental Rights) research on violence against women in the European Union. More than HALF of all women in Denmark have been submitted to violence after turning 15 years of age. And it looks like the more gender equality a society has, the more the women of that society are subjected to violence.

When the FRA research was first presented earlier this year, the whole public Denmark got very busy denying its results. A contortionist could not have twisted and bended more in order to avoid taking responsibility. And they still do: “What violence?” they ask.

And this is perhaps one of the best indications that the situation in Denmark is so serious that our society is already over the edge: The denial of the structural misogyny is in itself structural. Using a well-known expression of a former member of the Danish parliament, they simply ‘deny the facts’.

Nonetheless, every single day women experience being put under suspicion by the State Administration; they are called whiny, liars and provocative and troublesome, when they point out their children’s failure to thrive under the current law (Parental Responsibility Act). Women are TOLD to remain silent – and threatened that if they don’t, the child will be placed with the father or she will loose the last contact to the child.

This is in fact a system abuse of women – in most cases primary caretakers and primary bonding persons for the children. This abuse happens in a system that does not offer the normal rule of law, which you ought to be able to expect from a country that likes to call itself ‘modern’.

We have asked the Minister Manu Sareen to have the law scrutinized by an unbiased party. But the Minister prefers to continue to propose laws based on propaganda. Part of this propaganda is that the gender perspective is ”irrelevant”. Research and facts, however, says otherwise.

We recommend this post by Murat Tamer – for those who really wish to know about the situation in Denmark.

We do remind you that the Mom Network recommends that women leave the country in order to found their families elsewhere, where women are much more welcome. And we recommend that women from other countries stay away from Denmark.

We are many who are trapped in this invisible jail of Denmark, because we are not allowed to leave the country with our children. We suffer from complex PTSD, but we cannot seek medical advise, as the doctor-patient privilege is aborted in family court. We count the days until our children are grown and we can get out of here. Unless the law AND the current course of things is changed very soon.

When Murat Tamer’s blog was published in the paper, it was flooded with inappropriate comments, distorted focus and demeaning propaganda. This actually only supports his point. In the Mom Network, however, we have zero-tolerance for that kind of comments. Any comment even resembling any of that will be removed without further notice and without further reason.

Link to Murat Tamer’s blog in the comment field below. “Why are we silent about the problems with the view on women in Denmark?”, August 2nd, 2014, Jyllandsposten


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