Sam Vaknin describes in his various videos, how the narcissist reacts when his victim withdraws. The narcissist sees it as an unbearable loss to loose the object of his mental violence. And since he cannot live without this object, he will do ANYTHING to keep it (the victim).

The Danish system also pities the narcissist. Because how is he supposed to live without his punching bag? He could break down if he is forced to cope with his own personality.

The Danish Parental Responsibility Act helps the narcissist. Through this law, the victim is chained to her perpetrator. She is forced to cooperate with him and to have repetitive contact, even though this is against the advise of experts.

The victim incurs lifelong damage by the Parental Responsibility Act, because she is chained to physical, mental or financial violence against herself or through the children for many years. The children are also damaged, either through stress reactions or through failure to develop correctly.

The Danish law works in such a way, that when the victim succeeds in defining even a small limitation to her perpetrator, the system is activated. The system actively helps the perpetrator break this limitation, so the victim cannot free herself.

Denmark has a problem with women who stand up against physical or mental violence. This problem is dealt with by articulating that the victim is fussy. Or the system simply launches a national witch-hunt, making the population believe that women are lying, harassing and manipulating by nature. And therefore, the system has to control them.

(That women cannot govern themselves because of their ‘deceitful’ nature has been the dominating discourse throughout the history of the patriarchy. It is this view on women the Danish law supports and cultivates.)

It is a CLASSIC projection from the narcissist that when the victim withdraws from the violence, he defines the victim as being at fault. The Danish law helps him. Denmark is a paradise for psychopaths!

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