The short answer is that they don’t. It takes experienced specialists and tests.

The psychopath is normally a person you definitely don’t think it is. They are world champions at camouflage. They are charming, eloquent, remain calm under pressure and exceptionally well-prepared. No matter what happens, they always have a strategy.

The examples known to the Network Mom shows that the psychopath succeeds in turning the world upside down. They frame the other party so it looks like it is him or her who is making life difficult for the psychopath.

They degrade their victims through pretended empathy. They create a drama and (almost) shed a tear while saying:

“I wish I could help her. This is so painful when we have a child together. She is just not able to let go of her vindictiveness and get on with her life. She is having some problems with herself. I am really sorry I have to take her to court, but professionals have advised me to do so. They say that women like her will only understand a consequence, which hurts. The fact that our child is suffering is caused by a problematic tension she creates around herself.”

At the same time, files clearly show that the child is submitted to violence and/or abuse. And that the same man spends half his time committing a character assassination on the woman.

The other half of his time is spend chasing the psychologists who test him. And finding other psychologists he can make his allies, so he knows what to answer when he is retested. And retested again. He is an expert at portraying himself as the victim.

One of the things psychopaths are really good at are projections. It means that you pretend that your own weaknesses and need for control are actually character traits belonging to the other person. They also do the opposite: Pretend that all of the sympathetic traits of the other person really belongs to themselves.

So, if you want to decode what a psychopath is truly saying, you need to turn every sentence upside down. When he is talking about the other person, imagine that he is talking about himself. And when he describes himself, imagine that he is actually describing the other person.

Don’t be mistaken: It can be VERY difficult to identify a psychopath.

There is one good indication of psychopathy, which the State Administration and the courts should use: They leave at least one woman – often a trail of women – behind, whose lives are in a state as if run over by a truck.

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