Almost half of all marriages in Denmark end in divorce. IF half of all children should live with their father after divorce, it means that you have app. 25% risk of having to hand over the child you have born. And we didn’t even count in the couples that were never married.

So you have a 25% risk of loosing a child you deliver under the Danish law, if the Minister continues to adopt laws inspired by the father’s rights movement.

As long as women are not heard in Denmark, there is only ONE thing to do: Do NOT have any more children under the Danish law!

This would create enormous structural changes in society in no time. The public sector would be decreased. And politicians would loose a VERY large part of their totalitarian power over citizens.

This seems to be the only way to FORCE politicians to listen the perspective of mothers. They have clearly shown that they do not intend to listen by their own free will during the past 7 years. But future mothers are not powerless: They can reclaim power over their own lives. If they want to.

There is no common sense. There is no rule of law in family cases. There is only a political agenda. And those, who do not agree, are silenced – either by being ignored, by the use of threats or by endless defamation cases against those who speak up!

They call it democracy. They call it equal rights. We call the Danish system a machine of violence.

In the Network Mom, the recommendation is clear: Stay in control over your own life, while you can still make that choice. Because if you don’t, the Danish system will take control over you. And you can never regain it.

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