Child pornography has become more widespread and raw in its format.
This does not surprise the Mom Network

– as long as the law provides a shelter for violence, abuse and incest,

– as long as public servants by the courts and in the State Administration give abusers, pedophiles and psychopaths the impression that their actions are legitimate, by not reacting to the statements of the victims,

How is it then possible to send a signal to people using child pornography that this is not okay?

The Mom Network asks the politicians again to consider the signals in the law and the way it is administered.

What kind of society do politicians aim for, when they launch so expensive and comprehensive initiatives in order to prevent that we can break the negative social inheritance?

Is their ideology that children should be punished forever for a genetic progenitor they did not choose?

Why is their desire to carry on cruelty and brutalization so big?

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