On September 6th, 2014, a HISTORIC convention takes place:
The first convention on the rights of women and children (IOWC).

The IOWC has as its goal the recognition and enforcement of the human and civil rights of Women and Children in the family.

Women’s and Children’s Rights to STAY TOGETHER and STAY SAFE are being violated in epidemic proportions. It is beginning to look like a movement that characterizes the entire western world to remove children from their mothers.

Mothers and children are being separated from each other, even nursing infants are taken away, children are being routinely placed into the custody of abusers and molesters, and mothers are being retaliated against when they try and protect their children.

This new civil rights movement is about women’s right to keep custody of their children and children’s right to be with their primary bond. It is also about women’s right to protect their children and children’s right to be protected.

This is a historical occasion: Women and children have never before had these inalienable rights recognized or enforced.

The Mom Network encourages you to gives this convention your SOLID support. Share this even – even if you yourself cannot go to San Diego.

Consider carefully, which kind of world you want to be the co-creator of: A world, where children are systematically being removed from their mothers? Or a world, where mothers and children live together in safety?

It is time to come together and demand these human and civil rights be enforced.

Demanding Rights for Women and Children in the Family

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