With the adoption of the Parental Responsibility Act, the Danish politicians made motherhood a taboo.

Women have a womb! That means that women become pregnant, carry the child in her womb, deliver the baby (sometimes with her life at stake), breastfeed the baby, lead the bonding process, which starts already when the child is just a fetus in her womb – all of this happens while the woman is also overtaken by a hormonal rush, which nature created in order to bond mother and child, so as to ensure the survival of the child.

This has worked immaculately for millions of years and it means that – all else equal – the woman is the primary caretaker of the child. But since 1996 this fact has become almost illegal to speak out loud.

In stead, a new political correct “law of nature” was dictated: Men and women must be equal in relation to a newly born child in Denmark. Women do not have more to offer a child than the man, it is said.

This has NOTHING to do with equal rights.
This is propaganda from politicians.

The entire debate on equal rights is completely derailed. Men and women must now become equal in all areas of life. But that is not possible. You cannot obtain equal rights to a child until the day men can become pregnant and have children!

Mothers are haunted and tracked down so the father can raise a custody case even before she has left the maternity ward! Often, she is stressed to such a degree that the breastfeeding ceases to function and she is left with a clinical stress reaction in the most vulnerable period in a woman’s life.

That mothers naturally put aside own needs in the best interest of the child, does not fit the political agenda. An agenda, which is in NO way backed up by research. On the contrary, the Parental Responsibility Act counter-acts everything experts recommend in high conflict cases. At the same time, the consequences for women and children are swept under the rug.

This has NOTHING to do with equal rights.
This is propaganda from politicians.

During a pregnancy, a woman learns something, which is critical to the parental ability: She learns loss of control. She learns what it means to surrender.

During the pregnancy, the mothers gets used to the child taking up nourishment first. This is part of shaping the woman as a mother, because your parental ability is not complete, if you cannot handle a certain amount of loss of control.

A father, who is mostly focused on his own ’rights’ and who cannot spot his own aggression, learns the opposite. The Danish system supports him in fighting with all he’s got against the loss that a divorce is per definition. But the system should be teaching him to surrender to the child’s need for stability and the need to NOT be separated from its primary caretaker.

Thus, the Danish system sides with the father, who CANNOT handle loss of control and who CANNOT surrender to the needs of the child.

This has NOTHING to do with equal rights.
It is propaganda from politicians.




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