The Network Mom gets an increasing amount of emails from mothers who are banned from Manu Sareen’s facebook page (The Minister of Children, Gender Equality, Integration and Social Affairs). Is this because they ask critical questions about the Parental Responsibility Act and the way it is administered?

Has the Ministry run out of excuses for the inhumane law, which ruins the lives of women and children submitted to violence under cover of this law?

Either the Minister DOES NOT know about the violations taking place under the law. In that case, we might be witnessing a system collapse. Or the Minister DOES know about those violations. And that is possibly even worse.

Finally, there is the possibility that we have a Minister who DOES NOT WANT TO KNOW what’s going on. Because the truth would stop his “Family Act”. And possibly also immediately suspend the whole Parental Responsibility Act from 2007/2012.

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