Our warning might sound exaggerated.

We are serious: Do NOT have a child with a man in Denmark under the current law.

Most people don’t know the consequences yet. We encourage you to educate yourself carefully on the situation. In the Mom Network, we know of women and children who live under conditions we compare to hostage taking and political prisoners. And NO ONE can help them.

Note that the law (the Parental Responsibility Act) also applies even if you were never married.

It is impossible to provide you with a short overview over the pitfalls in this law. There is simply too many of them. Therefore, the Mom Network now runs a series of posts intended to give you an overview of the many absurd situations a child with a man in Denmark can entail.

The first problem is that it is completely impossible to figure the law out and its consequences are unpredictable. If you consider having a divorce, you can never know what will happen to the children. That can prevent many from even seeking a way out of a destructive relationship, because who is willing to bet their children?

Once you have left the relationship behind, you’d think that the worst part is over. However, this is where things run completely off track for many. The law encourages conflict. The law makes it possible for your ex-partner to chain you and the children to the conflict throughout many years. In practice, divorce is now NOT possible in Denmark!

Who should read this series of posts? This is for anyone who considers having a child with a man in Denmark!

It is a common misunderstanding that the law’s pitfalls only apply to women with no or little education. Our sample research (see post of July 4th, 2014) shows that 87% have an education (many are highly educated) and that 16% are currently enrolled in an education. Of those, who are educated, almost all were full-time employed before the divorce. Most of them were engaged in good careers. The aftermath of the divorce has taken an average of 5,4 years. After that time, 87% have totally lost their contact with the job market. And 13% have partly lost their contact with the job market!

Women are critically overloaded in a way, which can be difficult to imagine. Many end up with trauma reactions. And children grow up in failure to thrive or in worst case they fail to develop.

It is also an ordinary misunderstanding that you can avoid these pitfalls if only you are a decent person, who creates good relations, who seeks fair solutions and who has an open dialogue. Actually, we will go as far as to say that if you think the pitfalls of the law do not apply to you solely because you are a “good person”, you might be at the highest risk: You goodness can make you blind. And that makes you an easy victim of this law.

We will explain this and much more in depth in the coming series of posts for you, who consider having a child with a man in Denmark.

Please share these posts. The Mom Network does not advocate for specific alternative solutions for younger women, who wish to start a family. We inform about the options. And we ensure that younger women can make informed choices about the most important decision in their lives!




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