In the Network Mom we are in contact with many Danish mothers suffering from traumatic reactions after a high-conflict and long-lasting divorce. They all have children who suffer from failure to thrive, but the Parental Responsibility Act prevents them from helping the children.

Many of these women have experience double traumatization. First through their marriage, the aftermath of the marriage and the poor condition of the children following the complex divorce. Then in the meeting with the authorities who threaten them to remain silent and tell them that if they do speak, their children will be removed.

We find this to be an overlooked segment of the population in Denmark. And we request that the law and the way it is administered be scrutinized.

Is it really true that divorced women in Denmark suffer from a significant larger risk of becoming early retired with PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) due to the Parental Responsibility Act? And why is the necessary population statistics covered up or omitted?

The Parental Responsibility Act has been in effect for 7 years now. And it is the 7th year that PTSD sends most people into early retirement!