From August 1st there are new rules on the “Yellow Card” (social security card). But no one has addressed how this is going to work for divorced families. It looks like no one has thought of that.It has always been possible to supplement the international state-guaranteed social security with private travel insurance. However, from August 1st it becomes necessary. But which of the parents should make the travel insurance?
Let’s say that the contact parent (the parent who does not have the child’s address registered in his or her house) wants to travel internationally with the children, but refuses to buy travel insurance. And let’s say that one of the children is injured in a way, which is expensive to handle. Which of the parents should then cover the costs? Well, if the contact parent can’t or won’t cover them, the address parent is obligated to do so.Is the address parent allowed to demand that the contact parent gets travel insurance for the kids? Probably not. Is the address parent allowed to prevent the children from travelling with the contact parent if there is no insurance? Probably not.

Let’s say that the contact parent takes a young child with poor sense of balance skiing and they go off-piste. Let’s say that the child ends up with a complicated fracture, surgery in another country, special air transportation home, new surgeries, long time in a wheel chair, long time in physical therapy and in total more than 6 months of recovery with risks of permanent impairment. It’s just an example.

Even if the contact parent has broken the law and taken the child to dangerous sport without written permission from the other parent, and even reckless behavior, it has absolutely no consequences for the contact parent. They are not obligated to take time out of their calendars to take the child to physical therapy. They are not obligated to cover extra costs.

They probably have an insurance for accidents, which is paid out to them. But since they never informed you that they intended to carry out dangerous sport, you probably didn’t think to get that kind of insurance. Yes, you are left with all of the costs and all of the work involved with the child’s recovery.

The lack of guidelines in this area is almost an invitation to harassing parents, because it is very easy to drown the address parent in extra costs.

The Network Mom expects the lack of guidelines and rules to cause increased chaos for divorced families.

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