The Danish custody law (The Parental Responsibility Act) is adopted on the premise that you can hide the truth in a modern society.

The Minister of Social Affairs, the child expert psychologists, the father’s rights movement and many other lobbyists all base their statements on the same myths and the same use of words:

Women lie, women are selfish, women hang on to the past, women are vengeful, women are emotionally unstable, women are dominant, women harass and women are overwhelmed by “difficult emotions”.

These are the same myths, which were the cause of the burning of witches in Europe only some 200 years ago.

The mentioned entities deny the existence and the nature of violence. They also deny that the violence is continuous because the Danish law chains the victims to their perpetrators. When women point this out, they are punished for being “conflict seeking” and “hanging on to the past”.

Just about all women the Mom Network comes into contact with have trauma reactions with all or almost all symptoms of PTSD. The custody law chains them to the conditions that gave them PTSD and so for many, the reactions become chronic. It is these severely impairing trauma reactions that the mentioned entities call “difficult emotions”.

In Denmark, women are forced to receive “therapy” in order to handle the children’s strong reactions after visitation. They assume that the mother causes the children’s reactions! At the same time, NOTHING is done to protect the children from the traumatic impact. And NOTHING is done to stop the father who subjects the children to physical violence, mental abuse or incest.

If the mother does not accept that it is her responsibility to convince the child that conditions are normal, she can lose the child!

In the Mom Network, we do not call this “therapy”. We call it brainwashing. And system violence. The conditions in Denmark are not only “perverted”, as a delegation from the EU called them. The conditions are so grotesque that only few can truly take it in.

With this below letter from the Danish Ministry of Justice to Mrs. Marion Weilharter, they confirm that conditions in Denmark are of such nature that the truth must be covered up in order not to damage the international relations of Denmark.

The Parental Responsibility Act is system violence. It is grotesque. And it is embarrassing for Denmark. The refusal to scrutinize the law is a scandal.

The truth will come out. No Public Records Act, no minister, no so-called child expert psychologist, not father’s rights movement in the world can threaten Danish women to remain silent.

The truth is its own. No one owns the truth. And truth will always work its way towards the light.

The following is a quote from a letter from the Danish Ministry of Justice to Marion Weilharter, January 2014. Here in the translation of Mrs. Marion Weilharter:

“According to the Public Records Act, paragraph 32, the right to access can be limited to the extent necessary to protect the essential terms of the empire’s foreign policy interest, including relations with other countries or international institutions.

In the opinion of the Ministry exists the imminent danger that Denmark’s foreign policy interest would be harmed if the documents and the information is published.

The Ministry has, when assessing whether this information should be taken out from public access, as the basis of this specific assessment, found that in consideration of the empire’s foreign policy interest, it is of overriding importance that you are not granted access to the information.”

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