This is a network for women in Denmark who cannot protect their children against a perpetrator because of the Danish Parental Responsibility Act.

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We are a group of women who have left behind violent or strongly offensive relationships where children are involved. Unfortunately, our experience is that the Danish legal system categorically refuses to recognize abuse of and violence against women and children. This especially true for the State Administration.

These conditions leave the victims of violence in the hands of the perpetrator.

Even small children are forced to have so called contact (time spend with the other parent) with the violent parent. In some cases, they even have to live with the violent parent. If the mothers do not cooperate in this double violation, they risk loosing the children and even loosing custody over the child. Thus, the Danish legal system prevents women from protecting their children against violence.

We think it is time for these women to speak out and to take part in the debate. We are fed up with politicians who portray us as a “small group of weeping women” and use degrading tags as an excuse for not taking these inhuman conditions seriously.

In the network, we are convinced that we speak not on behalf of hundreds of women but on behalf of thousands caught in the Danish legal system. It is a huge problem that women who are victims of violence are too frightened to tell their stories. They fear being punished by the legal system, which interprets the women’s actions as lack of cooperation. This forces them to remain silent, so they don’t loose their children.

Thus, we find that both justice and freedom of speech is threatened.

We would like to get in touch with women and children who are caught in the Danish Parental Responsibility Act. The law ties women to violence and prevents them from being able to protect their children and them selves agains violence.

When we talk about violence, we refer to women and children who have lived or still live with a violent man – physical or psychological violence. Perhaps there is reason to suspect violence against the children or even incest.

Physical violence is psychological violence that has not been stopped soon enough. Often, the psychological violence is the most destructive. But it is also the hardest kind of violence to prove. It devastates women and children. And way too often, the perpetrator uses the child as ammunition against the woman.

Psychological violence can be such things as threats, manipulation, unpredictability and condescending behavior. It may involve threats of violence, threats of removing the children, broken agreements, more lies than you can count, harassment, undermining behavior and even character assassination, revenging that you asked for divorce, attempts to drown you in debt, destruction of property, false rumors and much more.

Based on the reactions we get here on facebook, we may later choose to register as an association. We would like to use this platform to engage in the debate and to support the many professionals and the commission under the European Union, who are also working hard to change the Danish Parental Responsibility Act.

We welcome your involvement. Please share your stories, your viewpoints and help spread the work.

If in any way you understand the problems we are dealing with, we appreciate all support for change. Please like or share the page. This would be very helpful.

We know of many non-Danes who have entered the country, had a child here and then – too late – discovered that it is almost impossible to leave the country with the child. The legal system seems to rule in favor of the Danish parent and the lack of official statistics is worrying.

The Danish Parental Responsibility Act has NOT been translated to English, leaving foreign parents completely in the dark. And they are shocked when they bump into reality. Often, this happens too late.

Therefore, as a word of caution and also a word of support, we translate as much as possible to English. We hope you will respect that this in done by volunteers and that we do not proofread or ensured perfect grammar. Our aim is to make the shocking reality in Denmark known to people who do not speak Danish.

We will try to translate all posts, but some translations may be uploaded later than the original post. You will find most translations in the comment field.

We would like to make room for diversity and a wide debate. Posts, in which we are spammed, which do not belong under our purpose or which contain attacks on persons or demeaning propaganda, however, will be removed.

We refer to our page “WHY” for more information.