In the Network Mom we see a flood of cases that seem to follow at least one of three patterns. Often, a combination is used.

1. The primary caretaker is portrayed as being weak, unstable or mentally ill.

2. The primary caretaker is portrayed as being scorned and vindictive.

3. It is assumed that the children need to be ”reprogrammed” away from their attachment to the primary caretaker.

Simultaneously, the dissocial parent tries to create the very pattern, which is being portrayed. For those purposes, he uses various kinds of harassment, demeaning and violating behaviour, character assaults, gaslighting, violence, violence against children and/or stalking.

The victims are being put through quite a lot.

– Where do those patterns come from?

– In how many cases have they been used since 2007?

– In how many of those cases has the dissocial parent won custody?

– Why do the caseworker at the State Administration not recognize character assassination? And psychopathy?

– And why are they not trying to learn?

In the Network Mom, we want the Parental Responsibility Act, its administration and its consequences scrutinized. We have to examine every aspect of the social, health-wise, psychological and financial consequences of the law.

Denmark should take responsibility. And all the flawed cases since 2007 should be reviewed.

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