The State Administration has opened a hotline for children. (Well, children cannot call on weekends!?) When we saw this in the Mom Network, we thought it was April Fool’s Day.

The Mom Network knows of many cases where children have been “heard” in the State Administration. Knowing what we know, it is dreadful to read about their latest initiative. Is the State Administration now going to use the phone to convince children that they should put up with violence and assault? That it is better – and by the way required by the law – to be a victim of violence than to not have any contact to one parent?

The Mom Network says “No thank you!”. The State Administration is the LAST place we would recommend that a child calls to receive advice and guidance!

The private hotline offered by the organization “Children’s Welfare” is doing a fantastic work and they have helped many children throughout the years. Let’s not tear down something that’s working just to replace it with something that’s obviously not working!

The Mom Network fears that this new initiative is an attempt on the part of the State to “take over” the children’s hotline so private organizations CANNOT gather insight, experience and statistical information on children of divorced families and the related problems in Denmark.

Is this an attempt at misleading the citizens of Denmark, the EU and the UN into thinking that the State Administration listens to children and represents their best interest?

Is this an attempt at channeling more money from the state to the State Administration rather than to Children’s Welfare?

A real-life example:

“A boy writes a letter to the State Administration describing his fright and anxiety when having to see his father. He gets a letter back from the State Administration, where they underline that it is in their power to decide on visitation frequency. So regardless of his letters and regardless what he plans to write to them, there will still be visitation as long as they say there is visitation. And his only choice is to obey!”

This is not a dialogue. It is abuse of power of the worst kind.

Is this abuse of power supposed to improve in a telephone call, which only makes gathering of evidence more difficult? (Ah, that’s right, in Denmark we cannot use tape recordings as evidence in family court!)

Children who use this hotline to the State Administration risk serious re-traumatization in line with the children, who are threatened, put under pressure and even force by child experts and caseworkers.

The Mom Network DOES NOT RECOMMEND using the State Administration’s hotline for children!!

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