A day in silence




English translation of the lyrics in the original poem by Norwegian Nordahl Grieg
– translation taken from the youtube link above:

Besieged by enemies,

walk the path of your time!
During a bloody storm –
commit yourself to war!

Maybe you ask in anguish,
uncovered, open
with what should I fight
what are my weapons?

Here is your guard against violence,
Here is your sword:
faith in our lives,
humanities worth.

For all our futures sake,
seek it and cultivate it,
die if you must – but:
increase it and strengthen it!

Quietly conveys the grenades
rolling belt
Stop their drive for death
stop them with spirit!

War is contempt for life.
Peace is to create.
Throw in all your might:
death will lose!

Love and enriched with dream
everything great that was!
Go for the unknown
wrest its answers.

Uninhabited power stations,
unknown stars.
Create them, with spared lifes
bold brains!

Noble is man,
the earth is rich!
If distress and hunger is found here
it is due to betrayal.

Crush it! In life’s name
will injustice fall.
Sunshine and bread and spirit
is owned by all.

Then drop weapons
powerless down!
If we create respect for life
we create peace.

The person whom with the right arm
carries a burden,
precious and inalienable,
can not kill.

This is our promise
from brother to brother:
we will be good to
humanities earth.

We will take care of
beauty, warmth
as if we bore a child
gently on the arm!

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