In Denmark, the Minister of Social Affairs, Manu Sareen, keeps talking about preventing harassment from address parents against visitation parents. As far as we know, he never presented any valid research on this subject, so the statements seem to be based mainly on rumors with no substantial knowledge to support his initiatives.

The discourse is now being changed from “the parent’s rights to the child” to “the child’s right to both parents”.

Much can be said about that. In short, the Mom Network is in favor of a discourse centered on the child’s need for protection, stability and nurturing. But that is another story, which we will get back to.

The discourse is now that a child has a right to both parents without any discrimination of those cases where that is not in the best interest of the child.

Did the minister really think that through?? What about parents who are not taking actively part in the child’s life? Visitation parents who do not show up for visitation again and again? Should the enforcement court and the police then pick them up and force them to have visitation?

If a child’s right to both parents is so significant to its development that society is willing to imprison address parents who protect children from a potentially harmful visitation, then will visitation parents then be jailed if they don’t show up for visitation agreements??

The new definition of the child’s rights has far reaching consequences for parents who are not interested in parenthood.

Since lawmakers are not taking the full consequence of their own statements, it indicates to us that they are acting in panic, disempowerment and misalignment with the reality being hidden under the Parental Responsibility Act.

In the Mom Network, we require that the law be scrutinized and that lawmakers start making informed decisions. Laws should not be based on propaganda, myths or ignorance.

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