In Denmark, app. 7.000 children are handed out to sexual abuse by their father during visitation due to the Danish custody law.

You can check these numbers yourself. There are 1,1 million children in Denmark.
(Source: Danmarks Statistik (Official Danish Statistics);  http://www.dst.dk/da/Statistik/emner/husstande-familier-boern/boern.aspx )

We know from research how many children are subjected to sexual abuse. The most conservative estimate says 5%.
(Source: http://www.incestcenterfyn.dk/om-seksuelle-overgreb/forekomst )

That makes a minimum of 55.000 children in Denmark who are victims of sexual abuse, or 5% of 1,1 million.

In 29% of these cases, the father is the perpetrator.
(Source: Center for Seksuelle Overgreb på Rigshospitalet (Center for Sexual Abuse at the State Hospital; annual report, page 8); årsrapport 2012-2013, side 8;

Then we can calculate that 15.950 children are made victims of sexual abuse by their father; 29% of 55.000.

The divorce rate in Denmark was app. 46% in 2012.
(Source: Danmarks statistic (Official Danish Statistics): http://www.dst.dk/da/Statistik/emner/vielser-og-skilsmisser/skilsmisser.aspx )

In other words, app. 7.000 children are handed out to sexual abuse by a father, who has a right to visitation; or 46% of 15.950 children.

(The number is 7.000 is we assume that victims of sexual abuse is as frequent in families who divorce as in those who don’t. The real number is most likely higher, as it is reasonable to assume that families with sexual abuse divorce more often than others. But let’s again use the most conservative estimate.)

In the above, we have not included the numbers for how many children in divorced families are handed out to visitation with neglect, how many are subjected to physical or psychological violence or to a life as a witness to one parent’s violence against the other; violence which continues after the divorce because of the law, where the victim can no longer remove herself from it. There is app. 200.000 children, who are submitted to violence in Denmark (Source: Danner). We have also not included the numbers for those children, where the parents were never married. This is therefore a very conservative estimate.

The conclusion is that it could be possible to stop app. 7.000 cases of sexual abuse of children following divorce IF the law was working. But the law is not working.

This post is written by Libbie Bouffon and The Mom Network in collaboration. If you wish to understand the difficult conditions and destructive dynamics created by the Danish custody law, you can read “The biggest Power Pig wins – on custody law, and how to protect yourself from the game”.


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