Caseworkers in the State Administration and at the courts avoid penalty even when they violate the Law of Service and its increased obligation to notify authorities (red: In case of concern for a child, even if there is no evidence, it is mandatory to report this to the relevant authorities).

In the State Administration, address parents share their concerns about children in failure to thrive due to physical or mental violence, assaults and incest when they are with the contact parent. Even the children talk about this in the State Administration. But the courts and the State Administration get away with ignoring this. And this can happen because in the Parental Responsibility Act it says that a child has a right to both parents.
Children’s’ lives are devastated because public service people in the justice system force children to have contact with a violent or dissocial parent. In some cases, the child is even moved to the violent or dissocial parent.

Those responsible for this act of cruelty and lack of empathy cannot be taken to court.

In the Network Mom we find this odd. In the Law of Service it says very clearly that public service employees have INCREASED responsibility to notify authorities, if they suspect or receive information about a child subjected to assaults, physical violence, mental violence, etc. The increased responsibility means they are obligated to act even if there is only a suspicion that a child needs help.

The obligation to notify authorities overrules the law on confidentiality.

According to the Law of Service, the obligation to notify authorities lies on the person who receives any such information. It is up to this person to ensure that proper notification is made. Informing your superiors of such suspicion does not relieve this person of responsibility. Even in cases where this person has notified their superiors of a suspicion and they are not sure it is acted upon, they are obliged to act upon it themselves and ENSURE that proper authority in the municipality receives the information.

If this person receives information about violations against a child and they do not report it to the local social authorities, they can be held responsible in court.

This means that staff at day care centres, teachers, children’s nurses, nurses, doctors, social workers, police etc., can be sentenced to serve time in prison for not reacting to a suspicion in cases where a child fails to thrive.

The Network Mom asks if it is really true that the Parent Responsibility Act is prioritized above all other laws and that those administering the law cannot be held responsible in a court of law?

We think it should be possible to sue public service employees in the State Administration and in courts who do not obey the Law of Service…

They CHOOSE to consciously ignore information about children who fail to thrive.
They CHOOSE to consciously not make the necessary investigations to examine the situation.
They CHOOSE to ignore the best interest of the child.
– a choice leaving these children with scared bodies and souls for the rest of their lives.

According to the Law of Service, it shouldn’t be possible to avoid responsibility when you are a public service employee.

Finally, we wonder what kinds of people are attracted to job descriptions like this:
”Unrestricted power with no responsibility”?!

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