The law of service REQUIRES the address parent to protect children from contact with the other parent if they are concerned about physical or mental violence or sexual assaults from the contact parent.

The address parents who honour the Law of Service have been given fines, have been put in jail or have lost the child’s address (child is moved to the other parent) accused of harassment. And this follows the Parental Responsibility Act.The address parent cannot lift the burden of proof in cases with physical and mental violence and sexual assaults, because the State Administration and the courts do not take the concerns seriously. Often, they ignore reports from other authorities stating concerns for the child and they refuse to use witnesses. Also, courts often deny the concern parent the right to present written statements from other specialists in court.If the address parent for that reason feels they have to follow the Parent Responsibility Act and deliver the child to the contact parent to damaging contact, they risk that the municipality force remove the child from them and place them in professional caretaking. The reason being that the address parent cannot protect the child according to the Law of Service.

The Network Mom asks if it is really true that the Parental Responsibility Act has priority above all other laws?

Where is rule of law?

The Human Rights Commission has pointed to this problem for years.

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